Review: Podcasting: The Do-It-yourself Guide

Todd Cochrane's Podcasting: The Do-It-yourself Guide is the first book published on listening to and creating podcasts. It's an easy read, covers a lot of ground, and has enough information that podcasters at all levels of experience should be able to learn from it.

Cochrane's Geek News Central is a popular tech blog. His podcast is an extension of his site, and with this book he shares what he's learned from his experiences creating a regular podcast.

In addition to this review, we've arranged with the publisher to make a sample chapter available, Producing a Podcast with the Gear You Own Today. You can preview the book online, or download the sample chapter as a PDF for printing.

The book is broken down into five sections:

  • Listening to the Podcast Revolution * Joining the Revolution: Your Own Podcast * Recording Your Podcast and Performing Postproduction Tasks * Hosting and Preparing to Publish Your Podcast * It's Show Time

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: And there you have it; everything anyone could ever possibly wish to know about Podcasting and its techniques. My thanks to Monty Solomon for compiling all this from the recent press. PAT]
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