Re: Worker Gets CEO to Agree that Verizon Wireless Workers Have a Right to Join Unions [telecom]

I don't like facepage sites: they're evil. But, the CWA is still

> fighting the good fight, so I'll leave it up to you.

In my opinion...

Lots of American workers need to be in a union these days to protect their basic standard of living from exploitation. Companies have been making enormous profits in recent years, but not sharing it with the workforce. The top executives and Wall Street have done very well.

The telecom carriers don't seem to treat their workers very well, and the carriers sought to eliminate unionized jobs inherited from the old companies.

Unfortunately, today's unions are either extremely weak or out of touch. Some unions are still fighting ancient battles that are no longer relevant. Some are fighting for narrow special interests, not the overall workforce.

From my contacts with CWA, they're on the right track, but

they're very weak.

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