Re: Verizon's moment of clarity [telecom]

Best. Description. Of. A. Bell. Company. Ever!

Readers who missed Bill's note should go back and read it. It so well describes the malignant Bell System DNA that runs through these companies.

I wish it had a larger audience. Very deserved, and extremely well written to boot.

On 12/15/2018 4:07 PM, Bill Horne wrote: ...

> ***** Moderator's Note ***** > > Alcoholics have moments of clarity: that precious instant when they > realize that the only person who can help them is walking in their > shoes. Some - too few, sad to say - take that insight to heart and use > it to guide them on a better path. > ... > > The problem isn't that Verizon is incapable of performing well, just > that it's incapable of changing. That's not a fatal flaw in and of > itself - military bases are models of efficiency, but haven't changed > in any meaningful way for hundreds of years - but in today's online > media world, changes occur at the speed of light, and Verizon is, as a > company, just not that bright. > > Bill Horne > Moderator
***** Moderator's Note *****

Thank you. I can go for three months on a compliment like that!

Bill (Blushes, digs toe in dirt, says "Aw, shucks!") Horne Moderator

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