Re: Toll-Free Number Pointed to Sprint PCS Handset

> I am looking at taking on an additional product line that has its own

>> toll-free number. What I would like to do for now is to add an >> additional Sprint PCS handset to my account and point that existing >> toll-free number to it.
888-480-4638 used to forward to my Verizon cell phone. Now it forwards to my Sprint cell phone. The cell carriers will terminate the call -- they don't care where it's coming from.
There is at least one cell carrier (US Cellular?) that's been > advertising free incoming calls. > I'm not sure why you want your toll-free number to come to a cell > phone, but this might be a reason to consider them if you expect a lot > of calls.

Eventually I'm going to switch the tollfree over to a VoIP line, but right now the cell is working just fine. I need to be accessible and am not near a landline very often. - Apple Valley, CA -

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