Re: Do Not do Business With Sprint PCS !

Last month my ear piece jack went out, the phone was less then a year

> old and I do carry the replacement insurance on it, but in my case it > made no difference. They replaced my phone no questions asked, the > tech reprogrammed my phone directory; which they do, but he also moved > all my ring tones and other stuff from the phones browser. I had > little trouble with them when the phones went bad, but moved when the > merger went through because I had had major problems with GTE > Moblenet, and at the time I was with GTE California. I got so made at > them, I told the rep I was talking to, I wanted to speak to the > President of the company, what was strange is they transfered me and > was talking to him.

Which company? GTE (which is now Verizon) or Sprint?

And what makes you think you were talking to *the* President? At best you were talking to a regional president. But I don't believe you were talking to someone that high up at all.

I told him my problem and he fixed it, but I still dumped the service.

Dumped which service? Your post isn't exactly clear. - Apple Valley, CA -

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