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Even laying underground telephone cable / fiber or even CATV > coax in an existing neighborhood has it's issues. You can use > plows to put the cable underground without too much work, but > you have to directional bore at each paved driveway, sidewalk, > or road crossing. That's time consuming and expensive. Imagine > a line of 20 houses, each with a driveway and sidewalk going > from the house to the road.

Not to mention working around abandoned coal bins, bike racks, bollards, bus stop shelters, catch basins, cable TV pedestals, culverts, drainage ditches, fences, fire hydrants, galvanic protection monitors, gas laterals, guy anchors, irrigation ditches, Jersey barriers, lawn-sprinkling systems, mailboxes, manholes, newspaper vending-machine platforms, power pedestals, power switching cabinets, power transformers, raised planting beds, retaining walls, secondary water laterals, signs, storm drains, streetlights, survey markers, telephone cross-connect panels, telephone pedestals, traffic signals, trees and tree roots, utility poles, water laterals, or xeriscaped yards.

Neal McLain

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Don't forget the Fire Alarm Premise or Auxiliary Loops, Steam Mains, and POPT (Privately Owned and Placed Telegraph) circuits. As if that weren't enough, there are also non-government rights of way, non-registered government rights of way, and Allowances for Non-anticipable Sovereign Change Demands.

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For the venerable Northwestern Bell Telephone Company, I ran a vibratory plow and boring machine for years and never considered a FRACTION of those obstacles. In that time I probably accrued ~$2-3k damage.

Directional boring "came of age" in Omaha more than a few years ago. War stories upon request, including those with context including "natural gas" and "high voltage".

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