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Some "K" handsets are fitted with electret mics rather than carbon > granule mics. =A0

Maybe you could help me with the following:

I have a late model Western Electric phone. It has a one-piece handset of a more squared off design. There is a seam in the handset, but I don't know how it can be opened. The handset is stamped with the new Bell Logon and modern Western Electric typeface

The base is rotary with a bell ringer. I think it was a Design Line phone. I don't see a model number or mfr date. There is a sticker with the new Bell Logon and modern Western Electric typeface and a Serial Number beginning with G86. On the dial the numbers are very big and the letters very tiny. In the center of the dial is the modern Bell logo, no place for a number card.

Would you know if this a "K" handset and what model the phone is?

BTW, did Western Electric disappear at Divesture in 1983 or stick around for a few years continuing to make phones for AT&T?

I wonder if this phone model was made to be sold in the modern phone center stores that came up in the early 1980s. The number cards were stickers.

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That is a K handset. They're still around, Avaya uses them on the 8410=20 business phones while the ones on the 6408's are very different and I=20 have no idea what designation those might be.=20

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Is there an "official" successor model that is standardized, or did each company go off and make their own incompatible model?

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I believe the handsets of the 6408 were still carbon mic and standard=20 receiver, it's just the design of the handset that changed.=20

The ones that really stunk were the ones on the Merlin and the 7400=20 series phones.=20

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