Re: SEX.COM Owner Arrested for Child Molestation; Heroin

Dr. Adrian Copeland, a psychiatrist who works with sexual offenders

> at the Peters Institute in Philadelphia, said that, from his > experience, pedophiles tend to be homosexual

Really? On what planet is that? I just plain find that hard to believe. Does not jibe with what I have seen at all. In fact every molestor I have had the misfortune to meet seemed to prefer women (that is if they had to have an adult as a partner)

and "40% to 45%" of child molesters have had "significant > homosexual experiences."

LOL. I'd bet non-molester stats for males are quite similar. It's just easier to get men to admit to it when you are a police officer interrogating them.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Look Sean, I've already written off Nancy Howard as a troublemaker; let's just forget about her. PAT]
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