Re: Robotexting Law Violates Free Speech Rights, Facebook Says [telecom]

> A law that prohibits companies from sending robotexts to users > without their consent violates Facebook's free speech rights, the > company says in new court papers. > > The Telephone Consumer Protection Act "runs headlong into the First > Amendment," Facebook says in a petition asking the 9th Circuit Court > of Appeals to immediately review a trial judge's refusal to dismiss > a lawsuit accusing the company of violating the law. >
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Several years ago some congressmen sponsored a bill that would have allowed sales calls to be made to cell phones. Fortunately, it didn't pass. (It was discussed in this newsgroup but I can't find the reference.)

Anyway, I'm concerned that in today's pro-business climate such a billl would pass.

The barrage of charity, survey, political calls, and illegal sales calls is bad, and downright hurtful to sick people who must keep their phone open for calls to and from healthcare providers or need to sleep during the day. We don't need more of it going to our cell phones.

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