Re: Recorded Weather Forecast for New York City?

There used to be a recorded weather forecast for New York at

> 212-976-1212. Westchester County had 914-976-1212. > However, those numbers no longer work.

They should work fine if you're calling from the NYC area. The

212-976 and 914-976 prefixes are pay per call, so long distance carriers won't connect to them. The last time I called (a long time ago) the charge was a quarter.

As far as the weather is concerned, here in upstate NY we've had a lot of rain but nothing too bad. There are swampy areas that flood, and they're flooded. It's not a big deal except, I suppose, that many of the swampy areas are close to where NYC news people live.



[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well this afternoon (Saturday) Yahoo News had some really awful reports of mud slides and other nasty events on a couple of the interstates there, with a picture of a SUV (Sports Utility Van?) swept off the highway and thrown into a lagoon with the driver of same trying to evacuate and save his family, etc. That was in New Jersey. And I guess the governor of Massachusetts has declared an emergency in areas of that state, saying they had more rain in a couple days than they otherwise had all summer. PAT]
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