Re: Problem Acessing Some Sites!

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You know, Robert, for a man who is

> usually so full of long, usually lengthy answers on things, I am a > little surprised at this response to a fellow who posed a legitimate > question. PAT]

Would you have preferred "Insufficient data for meaningful answer"?

As far as problem descriptions go, this was right up there with "Six or seven months ago, I was driving in Platte County, and something lit up on the dashboard when I hit the gas. What does this mean? Is there a problem with my car?"

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Your answer would have been a little more agreeable, IMO. _Not everyone_ who uses this forum is as brilliant (or perceived to be, at least) as everyone else. With any number of newer, or at least less regular readers, it is often times necessary to ask the person to rephrase the question in a more precise way in order to attempt to give an answer. PAT]
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