Re: Point-to-point microwave links (was 1964 World's Fair) [Telecom]

BTW, speaking of "peeking" over another building, can you
> explain why the fresnel zone around a dish is so large? I
> know it exists and that I have to allow for it, but I've
> never understood the reasons.
It's been a long time since I did any Fresnel zone calculations
(I retired in 2000), so I don't have access to my good old GTE
Lenkurt manual [*] on the subject. However, a Google search
turned up a couple of links that look right:
formatting link

[*] GET Lenkurt: Engineering Considerations for Microwave
Communication Systems. By Senior Staff Engineer Robert F.
White (preface). Out of print and usually unavailable,
although Amazon has a used hardcopy at the moment (2nd
printing of 1970 edition) for $399.13.
Neal McLain
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Neal McLain
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