Re: New Monopoly in Dept Stores -- Federated and May Co to Merge

>> Here in Kansas, the state also operates the liquor stores, but the

>> 'convenience mart' places -- like gas station grocery stores, etc -- >> are allowed to sell beer, just not the 'hard stuff', and taverns can >> sell 'by the drink' of course. > Curious about your statement that the state of Kansas operates the > liquor stores. I have never found one that was state-operated in > Kansas, and I have patronized several in Wellington, Arkanasas City, > and many in Wichita. None of them show any sign of state ownership, > and they are opened, bought, sold and closed by private persons, all > of whom say they are the owner(s) of them. > Living in Oklahoma, there are details in Oklahoma laws which have > various curious effects. There are also curious laws in Kansas, in > Missouri, in Arkansas and in Texas, all different from each other, > which may result in different products being available or not > available, sold in different types of stores, the products advertised > or not, and numerous other variations. > In Texas, for example, liquor can be sold in durg stores, grocery > stores and supermarkets, provided they are in "wet" areas. (Much of > the Dallas area is "dry".) But only during certain hours and not on > Sunday. When I lived in Missouri it had a different set of rules and > also, like Oklahoma (and Kansas at that time), made a distinction > between 3.2% beer and "strong" beer. > I have never encountered state-owned liquor stores in any of the > states I've mentioned -- certainly not in Kansas -- although I know > they exist in some states. > One curiosity I encounted in the greater Kansas City are quite a few > years ago, when Kansas was dry and Missouri was wet, and Missouri had > blue laws forbidding retail stores to be open on Sunday, was the > distinction this made in traffic on the Missouri and Kansas sides. > Kansas shopping centers were jammed on Sundays, but those in Missouri > were deserted. On the other hand, bars and restaurants serving strong > drink were prospering on the Missouri side. (One Steak & Ale -- with > full bar, of course) was on the east [Missouri] side of State Line > Avenue not far from one of the busy shopping centers on the Kansas > side.

Stupid laws regarding the sale of alcohol are on the books of nearly every state. In Rhode Island you could not sell alcohol at a store on Sundays but taverns and bars were permitted to sell. That just changed and some stores are open, others don't see the benefit.

Then we have one dry town, Barrington. But right on the town line there's 1776 Liquors and where do you think everyone in Barrington goes? You guessed it.

But I class alcohol as more dangerous than marijuana. Both have their effects but the legality afforded alcohol peeves me sometimes.

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