New Monopoly in Dept Stores -- Federated and May Co to Merge

In this newsgroup the issues of monopoly are often discussed.

I just heard on the radio that Federated Dept Stores and the May Co will merge, creating a huge department store chain.

Previously Sears and Kmart merged.

I am greatly disturbed by this. As a consumer, I have no choice left. At one time my city had a variety of different fine dept stores, with this merger we're down to ONE monopoly.

Why are these mergers being allowed? What happened to the principle of anti-trust? This isn't a Bush thing, it went on full swing during the Clinton years, too.

Beyond the lack of choice for consumers, employees (both sales clerks and professionals) will be at the mercy of the chain since they can't go to a competitor anymore if conditions get bad. Vendors will be squeezed, too.

How is having a massive chain good for the economy?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: One of the most beautiful department stores I ever saw was the old Wannamaker's store in Philadelphia, with its wonderful pipe organ on the upper floors of the main court, one of the largest organs in the world at the time. The last I heard, Lord and Taylor had taken over the store, and moved all the retail area to the lower floors, and closed off the upper floors entirely. It was Wannamaker in the 1960's, then Lord and Taylor sometime in the 1970's; I guess Philadelphia has gotten as bad as Chicago since those days. Is anything left there at all? PAT]
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