Re: New federal rate caps on telephone calls by prison inmates [telecom]

I propose a simple answer to those who feel convicted felons need

>discount phone service: let's all remind the FCC of the rule that >every convicted felon knows - "Don't do the crime if you can't do the >time" - and *EVERYTHING* that goes with it.

This is hardly discount phone service. The rate caps range from 11 to

22 cpm depending on the size of the jail or prison. Considering that the going rate for long distance on the outside is 1 or 2 cpm, there's still plenty of markup.

Also remember that many, probably most, prison phone calls are collect, or (since you can't call a prepaid cellphone collect) prepaid cards bought by family members whose only crime is that they want to stay in touch with family members in prison.

And most important, unless you believe that the penalty for every crime should be life without parole, most pris Today's action builds on reforms begun by the FCC in 2013, when it acted on a petition by Martha Wright, a grandmother from Washington, D.C., for relief from the exorbitant rates she was paying to call her grandson in prison.

R's, John

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