Re: Long-Term AT&T Investors

>> As of Friday, 3/3/2006 the value of the shares (of the remaining

>>> companies, ACR, T, BLS, CMCSA, LU, Q, VZ & VOD) was $118,188.12. >> You forgot NCR and AV, by the way.

Sorry about that, you are correct. I did forget about AV. NCR was a 'forced' sale on 2/21/01. The National Cash Register simply took their stock back and sent a check so I no longer have NCR.. > > I assume that NCR is for National Cash Register, AV is for Avaya, VZ >

is for Verizon, Q is for Qwest, BLS is for BellSouth, and LU is for >

Lucent. (Am I correct?)


But, pray tell, what do the stock codes ACR, T, CMCSA, VOD stand for? > And if they aren't "obvious" entities, how would they relate to the > (old) AT&T "Bell System"?

If I can remember correctly.

ACR= typo, It should have been AGR=Agere Systems which was a spinoff from Lucent

T=AT&T of course, (now both the old AT&T + the "new" AT&T i.e. SBC

CMCSA=Comcast (Bought out AT&T's failed cable TV business 11/18/02)

VOD=Vodafone (8/11/99 Vodafone (British company) took over Airtouch with stock and cash. Airtouch itself was a spinoff from Pacific Telesis on

3/31/94 and Pacific Telesis was swallowed up by SBC on 4/1/97, except SBC is now AT&T - simple huh?)

Its hard to tell the players without a scorecard and if you blink they will change again :-)

But not to worry. Before long they will all be AT&T again :(


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