Re: Long Beach, CA Network Failure

We felt the outage at 2 of our 4 buildings ... we lost 911, 411, and lots of toll frees, pretty much everything our clec (mpower) routed through Verizon. Our other clec, Paetec, had no outage. And one of our Global Crossing data T1's backhauled to Anaheim was out, Global attributed it to the "earthquake" in Long Beach (did you feel the earth move? I didnt). 2 other Gblx, our multimeg Uunet pipe, our Telepacific and mPower data T1's were all up, just the one Gblx went kaput.

The local news covered it as rain damage, saying 911 calls over pcs wasn't affected, and local 7D Police and Fire Dept numbers were given out. A day later, Verizon 'fessed up and said a software glitch took it all down, and the backup system failed.

The outage hit about 6 am, our Gblx came back up about 12:30pm,

411/800 dialling later that afternoon.... so it was longer than just a few hours. If any pcs sites were affected, it could be due to the sporadic data outage.


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