Re: ISPs Must Begin Holding Data For two Years

Top law enforcement officials have asked leading Internet companies to

That is a key, it is a REQUEST, because the justice department doesn't want to go to congress for a law requiring it.

They are hoping the use of child p*rn, and terrorism will get companies to do this on their own. I'm sure any company expressing anything less than total enthusiasm will be vilified in the press for aiding and abetting.

If I had something to say, this is where I'd say it.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: One thing police (my generic phrase for government in general) strongly rely on is their cheering squad of fools on issues like child p*rn, terrorism, etc. Without that cheering squad constantly making a ruckus and a lot of noise, people might be able to think _logically_ on these social issues and (gasp! god forbid!) reach some independent conclusions different than police 'wisdom'. Why, (gasp! god forbid!) enough independent thinkers might lead us back to the original ideals, of government _by_ the people and _for_ the people, rather than government by and for the police, as is now the situation. PAT]
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