Re: Id Theft Made Easy

Thinking about the USA Today newswire report in the Digest: Here's a situation where I'd like to see a juicy class-action suit against the

3 credit bureaus. If there was a simple way to lock and unlock your credit record without charge, identity theft would be difficult. After all, if the evil doer can't open accounts in my name, there is only so much damage that is possible. A few nice, expensive class action suits would encourage the credit bureaus to solve this problem.

TELECOM Digest Editor wrote, quoting newswire:

With a little computer savvy and a few keystrokes, identity thieves > can invade your privacy, run up your credit card bills, pilfer bank > accounts and create years of financial nightmares. > A name, date of birth and Social Security number are all the thieves > need. Because of slipshod procedures to protect computer data, the > Department of Veterans Affairs might have given them just that.
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