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- When this spot runs on a broadcast station covering a

> large area, it says "see it at your local Chevrolet > dealer today." > - When this spot runs on Cable One in Independence, it > says "see it at Romans Motor Company, on West Main Street > right here > [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: That is exactly how it is > done here. It is done that way for the Toyota dealer in > town and the Chevvy dealer. Except it does not include > the phrase 'right here'; it says Romans Motor Company, > (street number) West Main, Independence, Phone (number). > PAT]

Independence (population 9,846 at the 2000 census) is at the high end of the 5,000 - 10,000 range, so Cable One is able to make ad insertion work financially with current technology.

My point remains, however, that Google's plan (or rather my version of Google's plan, which may or may not be Google's version of its plan) will reduce ad insertion costs dramatically. If costs drop as much as I think they will, I'd guess that even cable systems with as few as 50 subscribers could make the numbers work. That also puts it within the range of affordability for MDU complexes and mid-priced motels.

Neal McLain

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