Re: eHarmony Sued For Discriminatory Actions

I *am* a member of (and lord help me, even a leader of sorts) in the

> "LGBT Community", and I have to agree with Fred. Relationships are > the most personal of things, and forcing someone to take part in them, > when they expressly don't want to, is worse than counter productive.

Totally agree.

More to the point, this is the kind of problem that the market can solve better, faster, and cheaper than any "solution" a court or legislature might produce. At least one competing site, (which is open to all persuasions), has already started a major ad campaign aimed at people turned down by eHarmony, offering (IIRC) two weeks free.

This is why the free market will ultimately prevail. Every problem is an opportunity for somebody to make money.

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John David Galt
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