Re: eHarmony Sued For Discriminatory Actions

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Gay, or LGBT persons may wish to get

>> in touch with attorney Todd Schneider in San Francisco in inquire >> about being added to the pending lawsuit. PAT] > I don't understand why the LGBT community would want someone who > is not well qualified to evaluate the dynamics of their relationships > to be providing such a service to them. It would probably turn into a > disaster (because of shortcomings in such unqualified evaluations) and > result in a lot more lawsuits from people being 'mismatched' because > of those shortcomings. Those lawsuits would probably be far more > justified.

I *am* a member of (and lord help me, even a leader of sorts) in the "LGBT Community", and I have to agree with Fred. Relationships are the most personal of things, and forcing someone to take part in them, when they expressly don't want to, is worse than counter productive.

Who brought this lawsuit, and what where they smoking when they did it?

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