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In Monty Solomon

> writes: [ snip ] >> About 10 new movies are sent each week over an unused part of the >> broadcast TV signal using a technology called datacasting. > ( in other words, the drive is, err, "trickle charged.. .") > I'm troubled by this. The tv station was granted a license by the FCC > [a] for the specific purpose of sending out a broadcast signal, that > is, a tv program. > Ok, the world has changed, and they can take, say, 5 percent of that > bandwidth and use it for other purposes -- in this case to slow-feed a > separate, "store and play..." series of movies, but... > I'd think a solid case could and should be made that this additional > bit of effective bandwidth should be either re-bid out (after all, the > original licensee doesn't "need it" for their licensed purpose). > [a] once upon a time the FCC licenses had to be renewed and it was > possible to lose them. For all intents and purposes nowadays those FCC > licenses are permanent. > Knowledge may be power, but communications is the key > > [to foil spammers, my address has been double rot-13 encoded]

I would not say permanent, stations do get challenged and at times lose their licenses, as LA channel 9 did after fighting it for years, and the Orange County Educational channel is under attach by a religious group that wants the license.

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