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From: Robert Bonomi >To: >Sent: Sunday, October 26, 2008 6:40:28 PM >Subject: Re: [telecom] Comcast raising rates on cable TV [Telecom] > >>> >>Comcast raising rates on cable TV >> >>By Hiawatha Bray, Globe Staff | October 25, 2008 >>The Boston Globe >> >>Comcast Corp. is raising its cable TV rates in Massachusetts and >>southern New Hampshire. Customers in those areas will see a 3.6 >>percent increase in their monthly bills effective Dec. 1. >> >>... >> >>
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> >>***** Moderator's Note ***** >> >>Since the cost of a wideband connection must be considered when >>evaluating VoIP as an alternative to POTS, this is telecom related. > >What does the price of _cable_TV_ have to do with the price of a broadband IP >connection? You do know you can have one without the other, right? > >***** Moderator's Note ***** > >In my town, you can't: Comcast demands that you pay for some grade of >cable tv in order to get Internet. I dropped them entirely after the >trial period for the "triple play" offering was over, so I don't have >any Comcast account now. > >If it's different in other areas, then it's not telecom-related, and >you got me . > >Bill Horne >Temporary Moderator >

There was a notorious case in Maryland where it is legal to have broadband without TV service. A woman was prosecuted for cable theft because the cable company autobot saw a connection without TV service. The case was finally dropped when told the cable company they were WRONG. However, it didn't help her with legal fees :-(

Mark L. Smith

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