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Comcast is shutting off analog cable system-wide to increase

> bandwidth; looks like it starts with Chicago. This is really gonna > screw up MDU, clubs, etc. We service a lot of health clubs and > similar here in SLC. Can't wait for a cable box hot-glued on every > treadmill ... >
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From the link above:

Eric Schaefer, Comcast vice president of sales and marketing in Schaumburg, said, "Analog TV is going away, and digital TV is coming. People are going to have clearer pictures and better sound. They will have interactive guides, and 40 free channels of Music Choice and a special universal remote control."

Comcast is aiming to prepare its customers for the federally mandated migration from analog to high-definition/digital services by Feb. 17,

2009, Schaefer said. ==================

I'm sorry, this is flat out BS and a Comcast VP d*mn well better know it. There is NO mandatory federal migration for cable systems. There is an OTA transition only.

Comcast can and does have business reasons why they want people off analog cable systems (and analog pricing), but blaming the US government is disingenuous at best.

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Rick Blaine
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