Re: Claiming Your Federal Telephone Tax Refund


When Martin Sheen gives all of his resources to his various causes I will listen to his blabbering. Until that time, I do not wish to hear from him, BaaBaa Streisand or Al Gore about their various social interests.

Bill Hendley

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: So don't bother listening to BaaBaa or Al (the bore) Gore or Martin Sheen. They thought of a good scheme to relieve you of your telephone excise tax is all. The intent of the message was remind you once again to claim your bottom-line refund attributatable to your telephone tax; a refund which won't come around again anytime soon. I wish I had thought of that scheme first, in fact maybe I will get a patent on 'software intended to divert government guilt feelings into moderator greed payments' and use it in the future whenever a telephone-related message comes along inviting you to dip into Uncle Sugar's largesse or deep pockets. I'll run the message through my 'computer program' (a) announcing the new gift from Uncle and offering to collect it as your agent for you and pocket it in my own vast treasury of wealth instead and (b) sending you a slip of paper signed by Uncle Sugar thanking you for your continued patronage. If/when someone else develops the idea further and I start getting slim pickings (like now) I will sue BaaBaa and Martin Sheen and the others claiming they ripped off my idea. PAT]
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Bill Hendley
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