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TELECOM Digest Editor noted in response to Fred Atkinson:

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Other than the fact that she apparently > was not able to hook herself up to the network, I wonder how the > school would know what was or wasn't there. In other words, if she now > were to open the computer and install the original card in there > instead, how would the school ever find out, or do they search dorm > rooms looking for contraband hardware, etc? PAT]

Since the beginning octects of the MAC address of an ethernet card identify who the manufacturer of the card is, and all ethernet switches maintain a database of what mac addresses are plugged in to what ports; if one is using manages switches it is a trivial task to locate where network cards of a particular brand are plugged into the network.

It's also quite easy on some switches to specify a range of MAC addresses that are allowed to use particular ports. So you can set that range to be only cards whose MAC address identify them as being made by

3com, and lock out everything else.

Of course most network card drivers will allow you to overide the factory coded mac address on your card, which could be used by an ethernet saavy personm to overide the security methods I describe above ...

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