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>> Yeah. What a load of self-serving crap. It's not just about the credit >> cards. It's about SSNs and other personal information. To withhold >> information about such breaches is criminal. > Steve, _that_ is a bunch of crap. A credit-card clearinghouse does > *NOT* have any of that kind of information.

But the banks do, and some of the breaches have been at major banks; besides,

All they have is transaction data. No "personal" data, no SSN's, > none of that. They have the card number,. the transaction amount, > maybe the 'security code', or the mag-stripe code, or the digits > (only) of the street address and/or zip-code.

The clearinghouse has the account numbers. The first six digits of a MC/Visa number indicate the issuing bank, and Discover and Amex cards are only issued by one company. (Diners Club too, IIRC.) The clearinghouse SHOULD be informing the bank, and the bank SHOULD be informing their customers. - Steve Sobol / / PGP: 0xE3AE35ED Coming to you from Southern California's High Desert, where the temperatures are as high as the gas prices! / 888.480.4NET (4638)

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