Re: Caller ID on Home Phones Using Vonage Originating From Cell Phones

I have Vonage. This is a newbie question. I have caller ID on a new

> set of phones I bought at home (Uniden CLX-485). When someone calls me > from their home or business phone it displays the name and the number > perfectly. > When they call me from their cell phone it only displays the number > and the name defaults to "Wireless Caller". While I have them in my > phonebook on my home phone, it does not use that to look up the name. > Is this somewhat normal? No name displayed on home callerid from a > cell phone caller? Most people in my area use Verizon Wireless.

This has nothing to do with the fact that you have Vonage for phone service. :)

What you see when a cellular customer calls you depends totally on the cellular company. Some companies only provide a 'generic' id that is the same for all their customers, others provide name info for the specific customer.

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Robert Bonomi
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