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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I had a couple of Hayes Modems which

> could be switched between pulse and tone dialing, and you could set > the 'speed' of the pulsing or the 'speed' of the tone signals. You > could make both modes go quite fast; with tone dialing so fast that > it was little more than just a single blip in your ear, and most > times it would work quite well. Only on occassion the modem would > give its short little blip or tone burst when dialing *before* the > line was set up to allow it, and you would have to redial, but > usually it worked okay. PAT]

Yes I remember those Hayes modems. We use to run the DTMF at 30ms on ESS switches, and 70ms on SxS switches that were adapted to interpret DTMF.

In some cases with a good pair you could get as low as 20ms but it wasn't reliable.

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