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> I wondered if anyone could let me know of a way of having > a message delivered to two mailboxes at once on the audix > system. > I have a client who have a small office and they wish for > the two directors to be able to pick up each others > voicemail. > I have tried to explain that you can change to a > different mailbox my doing **7,once logged in, and then > enter the extension details. > But the problem is we have just migrated from call > express where the option was straight forward (simple > check box) and a copy of the message was saved in each > mailbox. > Of course as it was available before, the client wishes > it available now ... sigh! > Anyone out there know if this is possible? I have checked > the Avaya documentation and done a search on the web, but > no joy. > Thanks a great deal in advance. > Regards, > Stewart

Look into Enhance List Administration. It's an add on feature from Avaya and it adds a "store & forward" feature to a mailbox. It's intended for distribution lists (of up to 1500 entries) but would work for this application as well. I used it on a CEO's mailbox to send a copy of everything he received to his secretary and a backup mailbox. The backup was in case a message got inadvertently deleted.

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