Re: Article: T1 Connections Provide Unparalleled Data Transfer Speeds

> For most business seeking high speed internet access for data transfer

>> applications ... a T1 connection is the solution of choice over DSL. >> This article explains why ... and how. > This article fails to point out the vastly more expensive rates for > T1.

Since he's clearly trying to sell T1's, that's hardly surprising.

T1 gives you total privacy and 24/7 capacity. If you don't need both > of those things, almost anything other than T1 is a better deal.

I have a T1. It provides symmetric bandwidth and considerably lower latency than DSL or cable. My T1 provides 1.5Mb each way with about

3ms delay. It's not hard to find a cable connection that can download that fast or faster, but I've never seen cable or ADSL with that upload speed.

Of course, if we lived in Japan we'd have 100Mb both ways for about $10/mo, so a more reasonable question is why we can't get that here.



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