Re: ADSL and SDSL?

>> Robert Anders>>> Do you more reliably get the higher bandwidth with SDSL than with >>> ADSL?

>>> For example, is the CIR higher with SDSL? >>> We are a very small business using VoIP and our connection is >>> ADSL. People have problems hearing us but not the other way around. >>> We were thinking of switching from ADSL over to SDSL, to see if that >>> helps. >>> Robert Anderson >> ADSL is asymmetrical > *not*necessarily* >> SDSL is symetrical > *not*necessarily* > As "commonly deployed", SDSL has same speed up and down, and ADSL has > mis-matched (almost invariably higher in the 'down' direction) speeds. > However, I have had "symmetric rate" ADSL, and "Asymmetric rate" SDSL, > service, at various times, from various providers. Not terribly > common, but such services do/did exist. :)

Can you elaborate? I thought the 'A' in ADSL and the 'S' in SDSL stood for asymmetrical and symmetrical respectively. What you're describing seems to negate that doesn't it? What am I missing?

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