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the school was built in

1930, when heating was by coal-fired furnace.

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  • Moderator's Note
  • The Google Maps link shown above has a picture of the "smokestack
  • in quetion, and it's a great place to start a meaningful debate
  • over the part that language plays in reporting.
  • Oxford defines a "Smokestack" as ...
  • "a chimney or funnel for discharging smoke from a locomotive, ship,
  • factory, etc. and helping to induce a draft."
  • ... but the TV station which reported on the opposition to the 5G
  • antennas chose "Smokestack" instead of "Chimney," most likely to
  • cater to their customers - the cellular carriers who buy all that
  • advertising while they try to eliminate their pesky unionized
  • workforces and change all our phone connections and Internet connec-
  • tions over to radio systems that will never require them to pay the
  • technicians anything approaching a living wage, and in the bargain,
  • break the ricebowls of the oh-so-irritating cable TV companies that
  • don't have to pay for apiaries of overpaid apparatchiks.
  • After all, "Smokestacks" are high above the ground, far away from
  • all those young minds and their all-too-uppity parents whom don't
  • want their children turned into advertising automatons programmed
  • to pester their elders for that oh-so-shiny-thing that they saw on
  • their plasitc fantastic lover while they were learning how to be
  • obedient, complient, predictable consumers - instead of taking time
  • to play.
  • Bill Horne
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