Phishing by Phone -- VoIP Raises Security Concerns

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Published on ZDNet News: March 20, 2005, 6:11 PM PT
Internet phone services have drawn millions of users looking for
rock-bottom rates. Now they're also attracting identity thieves
looking to turn stolen credit cards into cash.
Some Internet phone services let scam artists make it appear that
they're calling from another phone number -- a useful trick that enables
them to drain credit accounts and pose as banks or other trusted
authorities, online fraud experts say.
"It's like you've handed people an entire phone network," said Lance
James, who as chief technology officer of Secure Science sees such
scams on a daily basis. [.....] Debt collectors and private
investigators use's 5-cents-per-call service to trick
people into answering the phone, according to messages posted on a
discussion board.
Traveling salesmen say the service comes in handy when they want
clients to return calls to the main office, rather than their motel
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How to Distribute VoIP Throughout a Home:
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If you live in Michigan, subscribe to the MI-Telecom group:
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