Packet8 Joins 'Unfee' Trend

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Packet8 Joins 'Unfee' Trend; $1.50 'Regulatory Recovery Fee' in May

Like the wireless companies and landline incumbents before them, the VoIP industry has slowly succumbed to adding "regulatory recovery fees" to their bills. These aren't official government mandated fees, they're simply rate hikes disguised as fees so you'll blame Uncle Sam instead of the company responsible. Packet8 is the latest to employ this tactic, and will begin adding a $1.50 regulatory recovery fee on your bills effective May 1.

[Comment: As many of you know, I think this is a particularly sleazy tactic that allows companies to advertise one price but actually charge another. I think it is absolutely wrong and constitutes deceptive advertising, and I wish that the attorney generals of some of the states would get together and sue the companies that engage in this practice. If you want to raise your rates, then raise your rates, but don't just make up bogus fees that you are not required to charge and tack them on to get a defacto rate increase, while still advertising the lower price.]

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