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BART?s action probably violated section 333 of the Communications Act. The mobile providers? decision to give control over the mobile service repeaters/microcells to BART also probably violated the terms of their licenses and FCC rules, 47 C.F.R. sections 22.383 and 22.527, and possibly others. The FCC noted only a few months ago that ?the Commission?s rules and policies adopted pursuant to section 310(d) require that licensees maintain control over and responsibility for their assigned spectrum, equipment, and operations. Similarly, section 1.903 established that stations in wireless services may only be operated with an FCC authorization (i.e., license).? Violations are punishable by fines and forfeitures. Although the FCC is considering changing these rules?in an effort to encourage further use of repeaters and signal boosters by users?the rule changes have not yet gone into effect.

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To the original poster: thank you for your contribution to the Digest. I appreciate your work, and apologize for the need to use a part of your post as an example of a general issue.

To the readership, for future reference: the material shown above was part of a post that had a character set the Telecom Digest doesn't use, and contained glyphs which do not display on my screen: although it's "more or less" readable that way, I hope the readers will agree that using non-standard character sets may cause confusion. For those whom are curious, the character set was UTF-8, but I often receive posts written with "windows" or other non-standard glyphs as well.

So, here's my request: please use the US-ASCII or ISO-8859-1 charset when sending posts to the Digest, and please use "Plain Text" content instead of MIME. If you don't, I'm left with a choice of whether to send your post out with glyphs that might or might not be readable.

To help prevent this problem, please *don't* copy-and-paste material from web sites or emails directly into posts you are preparing for The Telecom Digest: they might not appear as you intend. If I have to guess at what "rules?" means when I'm moderating a post, then there's a chance that I'll guess wrongly, and your contribution will look less serious than you deserve.

It's a good idea to paste any copied material into a "text only" text editor, and save the result, so as to lessen the chance of non-standard characters being included with your post. Doing so will also give you a good idea of what the Digest's Moderator will see when he looks at your post, and will draw attention to the areas which, althought they may have looked good with bold or underlining or other emphasis in another window, will appear "flat" when viewed as plain text.

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