Net Neutrality gains a little ground [telecom]

Here's a report on the Senate's decision to abandon the effort to void the FCC's "Net Neutrality" rules in the United States. The report notes that President Obama had promised to veto the resolution if it were passed, and I suspect that the Republican minority in the Senate didn't want to give the White House any ammunition to use in the election next year, but it's still nice to see that Net Neutrality - even in the watered-down version the FCC is pushing - has a chance.

Neutrality Rules Survive Repeal Threat, CDT

Earlier today, the Senate voted not to advance a joint resolution to repeal the FCC's open internet rules. President Obama had promised to veto the measure, which passed the House in the spring, but it's good news that it won't have to come to that -- and that the rules have the support of the Senate. Not that the rules are out of the woods entirely; they still face a court challenge from Verizon.

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