Despite Senate win, net neutrality rules near death [telecom]

James Gattuso: Despite Senate win, net neutrality rules near death: Send no flowers

Supporters of the FCC's neutrality rules just won a close one, prevailing in a razor-close Senate vote to save them from repeal.

The pro-regulation crowd now finds itself in the position of the proverbial dog that caught the car. What to do next? It's too big to eat, and too small to live in.

The official line from the supporters - who see themselves in almost biblical terms as saviors of the Internet is that the momentum created by the Senate vote will energize voters nationwide to join their crusade for red tape. Faced with this public pressure, the House will (the reasoning goes) also vote to save the rules, and the measure would be signed by President Donald Trump because, well, because Trump.

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Bill Horne
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Per Bill Horne:

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"James Gattuso is Senior Research Fellow in Regulatory Policy at The Heritage Foundation ("

The Heritage Foundation???

Why not just go directly to Breitbart or Fox-and-Friends ?

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