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The April 2015 issue of Singing Wires of TCI (Telephone Collectors International) had an article about postwar rural telephone service, including magneto phones. It had photos of "Leich 901--the last magneto phone made by Leich" and a "post WW II Leich 86". It also mentioned the late 1940s Stromberg-Carlson No. 125 magneto switchboard and the Kellogg line, and the SC 1248 and Kellogg 1070 magneto phones. (It appears these telephone sets are available for sale on- line.)

The article discussed that after WW II most rural area phone service was magneto, but in 1949 the Rural Electrification Act was amended to modernize rural phone systems with dial.

Reference is made to "Builder of the Past--Architect of the Future, The History of the REA/RUS Telephone Program" by Linda M. Buckley, c

1999 Foundation for Rural Service.

There was a post in this newsgroup 10/11/2008 about an India company that makes new phones, Telereach:

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Would anyone have any experience with that company or telephone set? I first thought that kind of thing would still have modern usage in special situations, such as construction or very rural outposts. But then I realized modern walkie-talkies are cheap and powerful and obviously do away with the need to lay wire.

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