Inmates Use Intermediaries to Go Online

Very few prisons/jails allow inmates any use of computers at all because the authorities assume the prisoners will use them for no good. Why, who knows, they may even use web sites to try and drum up sympathy for their cause.

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I would like to know one thing about prison phone systems, which are notoriously rip-off systems. The prison authorities _claim_ the recipients of phone calls from prisoners are not allowed to use _call transfer_ or _call forwarding_ or _three way calling_ on calls from prisoners. I guess that is because the end result -- the person with whom the prisoner wound up conversing with -- would possibly not be on the 'approved' list at the prison. Does the prison phone system have the technical capability to restrict the called party's phone in that way? For example, I forward my phone somewhere, then you, in prison, call me as we agreed on. Or, you call me from the prison, I flash the hook and bring someone else on the line with me. The prison says in their literature that is impossible. Is it really? PAT]

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