Google as MVNO and int'l data charges [telecom]

Google's not a MVNO yet but rumors are afloat that when they are they'll be offering worldwide data roaming at no additional charge over whatever their customers' data plans will already cost: proposed details reported at



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I wonder whether T-Mobile, in particular, will, to remain competitive, restore the free international WAP data they had my two lines on from

2000 up until they decided to start charging $15/MB for that midway into 2009.

Cheers, -- tlvp

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There are plenty of smaller operators that might sell their spectrum licenses to Google, given the right sized check. So I can only interpret their decision to become an MVNO as a sign that they're not intending to engage in the market very much, but rather noodle around and see what's possible as a telco.

At least here in the USA, T-Mobile gives its customers free international roaming data and SMS. They provide EDGE speeds on roaming data for free, and have a reasonable fee to upgrade to full-speed data. Where are you operating from?


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Duncan Smith

That's true, but it's not the whole truth. I'm on a $30/mo postpaid plan that is NOT being offered such free roaming. I don't qualify for such free roaming until I take up a $50/mo plan instead. So T-Mo's "free international roaming data and SMS" will cost me an extra $20/mo

-- per line (and we use 2 lines) -- and the resulting added $480/year, for the few weeks in the year we could make use of international roaming data/SMS, hardly lets me think of that feature as "free" :-) .

Cheers, -- tlvp

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