Fiber To The Home [telecom]

Last September Frontier ran fiber in my neighborhood.

This month their telemarketers have been calling me daily with a script informing me that "This call is being recorded, copper being replaced by fiber."

I like the technology, and the synchronous speeds. I'm not sure where they would place the ONT since all electrical, cable and telco lines come into the side of the a house with finished rooms, and no basement or garage for the install. Where would they get the power for the ONT? Really don't want it in my finished home office.

I don't like telemarketers telling me that my last POTS copper fed phone line will be replaced by fiber (in the 80's I had 5 phone lines to cover home, business and BBS and the cables are still running from the pole to my house even though Frontier promised to remove the deadheads years ago.).

I still have a bad taste in my mouth dealing with terminating my Frontier DSL service at the end of contract. Took them months to get it right.

I don't like Frontiers recent implementation of a $50 charge for returning equipment at service termination. Returning the cable modem to Spectrum is free, just drive down to their local office and drop it off.

I wonder what other fees and surcharges they will add over the life of the contract?

I also don't want to lock myself into a contract and early contract termination fees.

Wife and I are thinking of downsizing and relocating but not sure when.

We were once surrounded by farmland. Today we are surrounded by car lots, warehouses, and gas/oil fired electric power plants.

I don't see any signs that my neighbors are signing up for Frontier's fiber service. Shame Frontier has to take a good thing and bury it in terms and conditions.



Middletown (Wawayanda), NY

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Steven Fleckenstein, N2UBP
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