FCC auction [of] remaining 28GHz and new 24GHz Spectrum [telecom]

By James Moon

On Last Wednesday, Federal Communications Commission, in order to free up the space required for faster network of next-generation, had launched its first auction of high-band spectrum.

The auction made just $42 million in first two rounds of the initial bids whereas no opening bids had been seen for about one-third of the licenses to be auctioned. Though this could be called a modest start but Federal Communications Commission will expected to be auctioning for several weeks to complete its 101st spectrum auction. Spectrum of

28GHz band has been considered best for 5G networks and FCC is auctioning about 3,000 licenses for network operators allowing them to broadcast in this band. But the auction is facing slow pace for 28GHz band due to least interest of carriers because Verizon, from earlier auctions with covering of most of the prime urban locations, has already owing more than 50 percent licenses of this band. Verizon, in parts of four cities using the 28GHz band, has already been testing high speed internet services.

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