DoD accused of subverting LightSquared plan in 2010 [telecom]

On LightSquared, Defense Department official urged synch up with GPS lobby

By ELIZA KRIGMAN | 3/2/12 9:33 AM EST

A Department of Defense official urged his colleagues in 2010 to "synch up" with the GPS industry in order to defeat LightSquared's plans to build the nation's first wholesale broadband network, according to an email obtained by POLITICO.

The email came as the Global Positioning System Industry Council was preparing to brief NTIA -- the White House technical advisers -- on LightSquared's proposal.

"We need to synch up with them prior to them briefing NTIA to make sure we are in lock step," the DoD official wrote to colleagues in the Dec. 29, 2010, email. He added: "Especially since they are our allies."

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Bill Horne
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Ahem, It's the DOD's 31 satellite GPS system L^2 was putting at risk.

I.E. Wide band modulated high power(1W or more) xmiters on adjacent(overlapping) band interfering with the ability to receive weak(50W) GPS signals transmitted from 12K to 20K miles distant. Thus endangering the basic functionally of hundreds of millions of GPS receivers in use currently.

Naturally, I would expect the DOD to definitely take a stand.

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I understand that the DoD has an interest in keeping the system viable, but I feel it's important to present all sides on issues.

If nothing else, the accusation shows the tactics that lobbyists are using to run their salvage operation over the wreck of the SS LightSquared. ;-)

Bill Horne Moderator

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