Wheeler to retool proposed Net Neutrality rules [telecom]

By K.C. Neel, FierceCable, May 12, 2014

Third Open Internet revision goes over like a lead balloon with industry players.

Amid widespread complaints from industry executives as well as some members of Congress, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is going back to the drawing board to revise proposed rules for regulating broadband access to the Internet. He promised the commission won't allow companies to create fast and slow lanes to segregate Web traffic.

Wheeler had proposed last month banning broadband providers from blocking or slowing down websites, but allowing them to strike deals in which companies could pay them for faster delivery of Web content to customers. But the pitch drew criticism from the tech sector, including Google and Netflix, both of which complained the new rules would segregate the Internet into fast and slow lanes.

Wheeler is sticking to his original approach, but is including language that would make clear the FCC will carefully scrutinize the deals to make sure broadband providers don't unfairly put non-paying companies' content at a disadvantage.


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