Cybersecurity experts say elevating and supporting Black professionals is key to workforce shortage [telecom]

By Tonya Riley

The United States is facing a critical shortage of cybersecurity professionals, one that government watchdogs and experts say is only expected to grow in the coming years.

The shortage, which runs into hundreds of thousands of people, has spurred government officials to ramp up their efforts to address two of its driving factors: a lack of professional development opportunities and barriers surrounding diversity.

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My wife, who retired from Nursing, gets a great laugh out of stories like this one: she says it's the same froth and dung that hospitals and the AMA used to put out every few years, to lure a new generation of low-wage entry-level applicants in to the business so as to keep the old hands from getting too uppity with demands for more pay or (heaven forfend!) forming unions to keep some of the profits from marching off to the 0.01% of muckety-mucks.

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