CommunicationsDirect News Daily Update - January 12, 2007

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Enterprise Architecture as Strategy: Creating a Foundation for Business Execution

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Does it seem you've formulated a rock-solid strategy, yet your firm still can't get ahead? If so, construct a solid foundation for business execution -- an IT infrastructure and digitized business processes to automate your company's core capabilities. In Enterprise Architecture as Strategy: Creating a Foundation for Business ...

Turkcell Achieves 14% Y/Y Subscriber Growth in 2006

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Turkcell announced a 14% increase in its overall customer base to 31.8 million in Turkey at the end of 2006, from 27.9 million subscribers in the same period last year. Of the current total subscriber base, 5.8 million were post-paid subscribers and the remainder -- 26.0 million-were prepaid ...

AT&T to Phase Out Cingular Brand from Next Week

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Following the completion of the AT&T-BellSouth merger, AT&T has announced that it is to begin phasing out the Cingular Wireless brand from next week, beginning with adverts showing both the Cingular and AT&T logo with the Cingular logo being phased out over a period of months. Significance: The AT&T Wireless brand ...

U.N. Telecom Agency Not Seeking to Control Future of Internet

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GENEVA -- The United Nations will not try to take the lead in determining the future of the Internet, the head of the U.N. telecoms agency said Friday. Hamadoun Toure, a Malian who was elected as director-general of the International Telecommunications Union in November, said the agency would be just one of many organizations ...

Microsoft, Verizon Aren't Playing Games

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LAS VEGAS -- Consumer Electronics Show (CES) -- Here at CES, companies such as Verizon Communications Inc. and Microsoft Corp. are making it clear that gaming can't be taken lightly in the world of next-gen communications services. Microsoft puts the X in IPTV Microsoft shocked the world here Sunday when it ...

Mobile-TV Pricing: How It's Working

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After a somewhat lackluster start, mobile TV is generating greater interest in the world of communications. However, the first wave of such services has presented a number of challenges to mass-market adoption. First, before TV enthusiasts can watch live sport or news broadcasts on their mobile phones, they have to sift through a ...

Sprint Powers-Up Pricing Plans

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Sprint Nextel is hoping to entice customers with new plans that will enable them to extend their unlimited evening talk hours. The carrier is rolling out Sprint Power Pack pricing plans, designed for both individuals and families. The Power Packs are designed to give customers access to unlimited nights and weekends at 7 p.m. ...

Alvarion Heads Downmarket

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The news that Alvarion Ltd. has formed a joint venture with a Taiwanese partner to build end-user devices brings the development of WiMax networks to a new phase, according to executives on both sides of the deal. Tel Aviv-based Alvarion says it will partner with Accton Technology Corp. of Taipei to build high ...

Voice Support Key for WiMAX

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Regardless of whether voice is directly marketed and supported by their WiMAX service provider, the majority of WiMAX subscribers will use their broadband connection for at least some of their voice communications within the next several years, reports In-Stat. At the end of 2006, In-Stat estimates that there ...

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