BSTJ at Alcatel-Lucent website [telecom]

For those of you that enjoyed poking through the old BSTJs but got frustrated by the slow... let me rephrase that... F'in slow response times, time to rejoice.

The website was down for about a week, but it is now back up with a new look, and instantaneous downloads of documents. No more loading of documents overnight....


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Neal Eckhardt
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Thanks for the update. Would you kindly share the URL for BSTJs on ALU? I didn't know they were there for public access.

Thanks, Brent

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This is neat stuff, thanks for the update. Lots of great history. Amazing how many television articles appeared in the early 1930s.

Now if they could only put on the "Bell Laboratories Record". That's more of an application-oriented report for lay persons.

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