at&t-to-Frontier handover in CT? [telecom]

My local cable company made me aware today that Frontier Communications may soon "Acquire at&t's Connecticut Wireline Properties" -- cf.


In Frontier's words, "On December 17th 2013, Frontier Communications announced that it entered into an agreement to acquire AT&T's wireline properties in Connecticut. Upon completion of the transaction, Frontier will become the communications service provider for AT&T's residential and

second half of 2014." More detail in the link above.

I'm shocked that it's taken nearly five months for this December announcement to come to my attention -- not a peep about it to me from either at&t, the local press, or the local broadcast media. It's almost as if only Comcast/Xfinity has any motive to report it :-) .

Cheers, -- tlvp

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Hilarious! But I'm not surprised -- I have stock in both the "new" at&t and Frontier and your posting above is the first I've heard of that transition.

Long story short, I used to own a large number of shares in the original AT&T since the 1960s.

In 1984 the US DoJ broke up AT&T into the seven RBOCs (Regional Bell Operating Companies) and I received new certificates from Nynex, SW Bell, et al, and those split and/or were acquired or whatever into more splinter companies and whatnot and/or were re-absorbed by the "new" at&t and I don't dare sell any of the shares to avoid a tax nightmare (regarding "basis") so I simply deposit dividend checks from each splintered company plus the "new" aggregated at&t every 3 months to avoid any hassles.

Fast forward 30 years to 2014 and I receive some small dividends from both Comcast (which must have acquired some splintered company(ies)) and a $0.22 check from Frontier which costs them more to mail the check to me than the value of the dividend -- it'll cost me more to contact Frontier and ask for direct deposit than I care to spend so I'll let them continue sending me a check every 3 months. :-)


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Thad Floryan

Comcast acquired Mike Armstrong's cable TV investments (ex-TCI and ex-Continental Cablevision, for the most part) from AT&T. I have a (now somewhat) dated Web page with the details of everything that happened to AT&T shareholders from 1970 to 2010 at . There have been a couple of additional corporate transactions since the time I stopped updating it (notably Qwest-CenturyLink), so it's no longer accurate, but it does include the Verizon-Frontier deal that gave you that minuscule dividend check. (I'm about to update it to reflect the CenturyLink deal, so this may be fixed by the time the moderator approves this message.)


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Garrett Wollman

I'm glad you found it so, Thad, but let me ask: will at&t's CT wireline customers find life under Frontier as hilarious as you found the story?

:-) . And, on another note, many thanks for the pointer (another thread) to that FF "Google/Yandex search link fix" add-on. Cheers, -- tlvp

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